S C sales@stratumcore.com Industries:  Automotive, Defense, Architecture, Medical, Consumer (jewelry, artwork), Others 3D Printing Service 3D Printing is also known as Rapid Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, and Additive Manufacturing. The process begins with a 3D CAD file of your part created in software such Rhino, Solid Works, AutoCAD, Studio Max and others. We then upload this CAD file into our 3D printers where a functional and accurate part is produced. Your part can be available in as soon as 2 business days. This process will save you time and money by revealing any design issues and avoiding costly modifications to production tooling. We offer many different materials to fulfill your part requirements.  Each material can offer different qualities and advantages.  Just select the material & color (from our material guide) that you would like your part to be manufactured in and we will choose the appropriate 3D printing technology for you. Z-Corp Technology We can produce your parts in a variety of colors and materials such as plastic or metal. Use our material guide to make your selection and then let Stratum Core choose the appropriate 3D printing technology for you.  Our material guide will provide you with information on price, color, strength, typical usage, and others. Also, please visit our gallery for examples of parts that have been produced by 3D printing. Our 3D printing technologies include the following: Stereolithography (SLA) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Fused Deposition Modeling  (FDM) Z-Corp (As shown in the illustrations on this page) -Our 3D Printing Capabilities (click for details) Our 3D Printing Capabilities What is 3D Printing? -What is 3D Printing? (click for details)    Stratum Core, Inc.; Phone #: 301-591-4016; sales@stratumcore.com             Copyright 2011 Stratum Core, Inc. / All Rights Reserved TM + Rapid Manufacturing  |  Product Design STRATUM CORETM Excellent Customer Service  (301) 591-4016