S C sales@stratumcore.com Industries:  Automotive, Defense, Architecture, Medical, Consumer (jewelry, artwork), Others Product Design Services Let us bring your ideas to “life”.  Our experienced team of engineers and designers can support you in any stage of product design whether you only have a concept and would like someone to create the CAD models and manufacture it for you. Or You have already completed your 3D CAD model and would like for someone to manufacture it.  In either case, we can help.  We offer the following services: Product Design Consulting We can review your ideas and provide feedback on economical methods to have your product manufactured (i.e.  3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding, Casting, CNC Maching, and etc.) 2D Drawing & 3D CAD Model Creation If you do not have a CAD drawing, let us create it for you.  Send us a hand sketch or a sample part and we will convert it into a 3D CAD model.  Once the conversion is completed, we can manufacture a model of the part for you.  We support multiple file formats including Solid Works, Solid Edge, Pro E, Rhino, AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, BMP, and much more. 3D CAD Model Repair If you already have a 3D CAD model of your part but the surface mesh needs repaired before it can be manufactured, we can help. Rapid Manufacturing (3D Printing Service) Let us manufacture your product using one of our rapid manufacturing processes (also known as 3D printing).  We use SLS, SLA, FDM, DMLS, and Z Corp manufacturing.   A real model(s) of your part can be manufactured that can be used to test the fit of it in your application before you make any investment in custom production tooling. -Product Design Consulting (Click for details) -2D Drawing and 3D CAD Model Creation (Click for details) -3D CAD Model Repair (Click for details) -Rapid Manufacturing of Parts (3D Printing Service) (Click for details)    Stratum Core, Inc.; Phone #: 301-591-4016; sales@stratumcore.com             Copyright 2011 Stratum Core, Inc. / All Rights Reserved TM + Rapid Manufacturing  |  Product Design STRATUM CORETM Excellent Customer Service  (301) 591-4016